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Vegas Oddsmakers Duped - Expect Big Orange to Win | February

In the 11 days since a 62-50 loss at Alabama, our Tennesse Big Orange squad has done more than its share to remind partisans why they are one of the most interesting teams in the NCAA. With solid victories against a struggling South Carolina team and a once highly touted Ole Miss contingent, the Volunteers have positioned themselves as possible SEC title contenders who may be able to secure a first round bye come conference tournament time. 

Indeed - by winning 6 of their last 7 games - Tennessee has become one of the hottest unranked teams in the nation. Cool

That said - it is quite surprising to see the Vegas/Reno oddsmakers tilting toward LSU in tonight's 9:00pm EST showdown with our hallowed Big Orange Volunteer team. 

Yes - LSU is only favored by a point - but we still don't get it.Undecided

The two big name universities have yet to face each other on the hardwood so far this season and Tennessee has a slightly better SEC record (8-6) than LSU (7-7) brings to the table. Additionally last game was a painful loss to Ole Miss that showed LSU at its worst as they struggled to hit from the floor (31%) and knocked down just 48 points versus the Rebels cool 72.

Sure the Vols are taking it on the road and with a 3-9 record away from their homecourt Tennessee has traveled poorly virtually all season. But fans shouldn't forget that Tennessee's latest win - in a 73 - 64 game back on Feb. 25th came in a game played in South Carolina. 

So what should you do tonight?

Here at www.sunsstufft.com we suggest that you take a ride across that expansive Nevada border and throw some real money across the counter and loudly exclaim - "Give me Tennessee to win"!

See ya'