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Tennessee Blows Doors Off Vegas & Gators | February

In an SEC showdown that gave Big Orange and opportunity to shine brighter than at any point in the season, the Tennessee Vols dominated Florida on the Gators homecourt and nailed down a 75 - 70 upset that ran completely counter to what the Vegas/ Reno oddsmakers were expecting. The 5-point Vols win on the scoreboard at the end of 40 minutes of play did not reflect the utter control that Rennessee exercised after initially falling behind 0 - 2 in the opening seconds of play. 

The opening betting line had the Gators as 11.5-point favs but the sharpies who put their money on the line for a living pushed those odds even further in favor of Florida as cash poured in on the Gators side and the spread became a full 12.5 points. 

Little did they know - Tennessee was going to clean up big time. Money mouth

Along with an amazingly staunch defense that kept Florida out of the game until it was too late - Tennessee's offense proved that the boys in the Big Orange have game. Jeronne Maymon's double/ double once again cemented his role as a team leader. 

With nightfall spreading on Saturday it seems clear that Tennessee is going to make their way up the SEC standings. It might not become a full blown run for the title conference title - but it sure is looking brighter in Knoxville.

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