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Suns School Kings - While Burying Vegas Point Spread | February

There are few times in every fan's life when they just have to shake their head and wonder how the 'Powers That Be' could have gotten things just so wrong. Often it comes when we are holding the funky side of the stick - especially if you are a Phoneix Suns fan. Yes - alas - we have lived hapless lives for far toolong dear friends.

But yesterday all Suns fandom to live as if we have it made in the shade.Cool

What do we mean? Well just look at the point spread we were offered going into the Sacramento Kings game. As those of us tending the fields here at www.sunsstufft.com noted in a post for all readers to see - the Suns were showing as 2.5-point underdogs to Sacramento before they took to the hardwood.

A truly senseless bit of oddsmaking that left some cash on the ol'money tree and ripe for the picking. Money mouth

Sure conventional wisdom said the Kings deserved a little nidge for playing on their homecourt and their top player - DeMarcus Cousins - deserves some respect. But that that still left the Kings far short of the royal performance their name suggests and a brief loom at the Suns 98 - 84 victory shows what we mean. 

While DeMarcus stunned Phoenix with the shear force of his performance - 26 points and 9 boards - the rest of the Kings hit only 19 of 59 from the field as the Suns played defense with a flair that included 7 steals and 11 blocks. The Kings Tyreke Evans felt the full brunt of that onslaught as he knocked down just one of his nine shots. 

Yes - the much talked about Tyreke Evans - was held to 11% from the field. 

On the Suns side of the ledger it was a night to be proud of as four players hit for double digit scoring (Jared Dudley - 20pts, Markief Morris - 18 pts, Channing Frye - 17 pts, and Marcin Gortat - 15 pts). Steve Nash also had fun dishing for 15 assists in just 29 minutes of play. 

The impressive win puts Phoenix in the hunt for the Number 10 spot in the highly competitive Western Conference. So get some beauty sleep and prepare for Monday night's game against a Golden State team that beat the Houston Rockets earlier tonight. 

See ya'