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Blow The Suns Some Kisses & Cross Your Fingers | February

Yes - we know this site is supposed to be all about basketball but Valentine's Day is less than a week away and many dear readers here at www.sunsstufft.com are facing pressure to put down a wad of cash on one of those humongous candy collections in time for Tuesday's hugfest. We also know that totally ignoring V-Day is not a very productive way to endear ourselves to sweethearts of all shapes and sizes.

So this evening we're trying a delicate blend of b-ball and the softer spirit of the season for your reading pleasure. Innocent

No -  we don't want to know the details of your love life - but we are urging every Suns fan to say a few kind words to your neighbors as part of a simple campaign of appreciation for Phoenix's own. In short - if you can buy chocolates for your intimate squeeze - you should be able to do your part to mark the improvement of the Phoenix Suns during our current 3-game winning streak. 

Those victories against a trio of Eastern Conference teams (Charlotte, Atlanta and Milwaukee) have come with the Suns averaging slightly more than 100 points per game - a  number that is much better than their season average of 93.4 ppg. That kind of uptick in scoring suggests the struggling Suns can put together the pieces that will propel them to a .500-plus season and we love it.  

So if you see one of the Suns starting players during your travels - or even the lurking visage of Robin Lopez - don't forget to blow them a kiss, wish them a Happy Valentine's Day and let them know you appreciate their growing success.  

See ya'