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Nash Pushes It Down To The Wire | December

We haven't given enough attention to Steve Nash so far this season. Sure others have been noting his brilliance - and shouting loud bravos to his on court leadership - but we have been holding back the applause.

Maybe it is our fixation with Amar'e Stoudemire's run for another spot in the All-Star game, our push to get Grant Hill the ball more often or the time we've spent urging that Jared Dudley get just a few more minutes on the court. All worthy causes mind you - but now it is our turn to set aside a little time and heap praise on the slight statured Canadian - especially after how he almost pulled out a Suns victory in Tuesday evening's nip and tuck nail-biter against the Dallas Mavericks that saw our guys go down to defeat by one lousy point (101-102).

Yep, let's give it up for the boy - you know - the 35-year old boy from up north named Steve Nash. 'Cause the guy was outright brilliant.

Where do we start?!? Well - how's this for starters - just go to the last minute of the Dallas game and push the replay button on that fancy home entertainment gizmo or catch the highlight playback on ESPN or NBATV. Then buckle-in and watch the sparks fly.

We're keeping it simple because it's easy - just watch Steve Nash play and watch that clutch 3-pointer go in with just 47.9 seconds left. See the Suns bench go wild as the Mavericks lead is cut to just two (98-96). Sure your pulse is racing but that's not all from Nash.

No - not a chance. Just fast forward it 40 seconds more and watch what happens with just 7.9 seconds left in the game. We'll clue you in after the jump. Sealed  

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Another 3-pointer is launched by Nash and - swish - it connects. So just as Dallas was counting the Suns out - their lead was cut to three points by a Nash shot from beyond the arc (102-99). And let the nail-biting begin because there's more - so much more.

You see that Dallas offense stalls and Nash - talk about doing the work - is fouled as he pushes the ball toward the basket. Now - with 3.7 seconds left - he knocks down two free throws from the line and it is a one point game as Dallas is barely hanging on to a 102-101 lead.

And Nash has hit for 8 points in 44.2 seconds. no doubt - it is All-Star ball at its finest.Laughing Laughing  

Yes - we know - the game closed with Amar'e grabbing a rebound with 1.8 seconds left and missing a 3-pointer but STAT has an allergy to those long tosses.

So the Suns die by one point - against a Dallas team that was favored by 4.5 points in the Vegas betting line - but that doesn't take away from Steve Nash's awesomeness. Nothing can. 

And since we're according Steve his due - let's not forget that Nash is the glue that holds the Suns offense together with his assists being strewn from coast to cost as our guys travel throughout the NBA. Despite playing just 32.4 minutes per game - Nash leads the league with a average of 11.4 assists per game. That's way better production per minute than the next man on the list - Deron Williams of Utah - who has tipped the scales with an average of 9.9 apg despite clocking in with 39.3 minutes per game.

So a long overdue doff of the cap to Steve Nash from www.sunsstufft.com. We'd sure love to have an NBA crown for Nash -the shortest man in the Suns starting line-up and if he keeps playing like tonight - who knows where it might lead.

See ya'.